ENVAQUA: this is the name of the new Dutch association for Environmental and Water Technology. It was founded 22 January 2015 as the merger between the Dutch Association of Environmental Technology Suppliers and Aqua Netherlands. ENVAQUA represents 121 member companies and can be regarded as the Dutch gateway for environmental and water technology. In his opening speech, the chairman Mr. Erwin Dirkse of DMT Environmental Technology announced that ENVAQUA will promote the interests of its members and aspires to be a driver for innovation and exports. For the moment, the focus is on water technology, but the association is also very active in waste management, soil remediation, air quality and renewable energy. Soon the website will be launched at www.envaqua.nl.

TeamIn the week 24-28 August Colombian and Dutch waste experts tour the Netherlands in search of waste recycling options applicable in Colombia. Ports of call include the waste incinerator in Harlingen, the OMRIN Mechanical Biological Treatment plant in Oude Haske, the Twence waste facility and a plastics recycling plant. The goal is to identify feasible recycling options for Colombian Decree 838 on waste utilization and disposal. Team members are Mrs. Magda Correal and Mrs. Angela Osorio of the Colombian company MAG Consultoría, Mr. Frans Lamers of DNV GL Energy and Mr. Herman Huisman of Rijkswaterstaat Leefomgeving. The project is supported by the Inter-American Development Bank. It is a spin-off activity of the ongoing Partners for International Business / Government-to-Government program on waste between the Netherlands and Colombia. In December the team will deliver the new Decree to the Ministry of Housing in Colombia, taking the country an important step further on its path towards sustainability.

Photo clockwise, starting upper left: Mr. Herman Huisman, Mr. Frans Lamers, Mrs. Magda Correal and Mrs. Angela Osorio.


MetaSus has made an inventory of 26 export deals of Dutch environmental technology firms. Examples include waste management and processing, soil remediation, acoustics, air treatment, environmental management and water treatment. The examples span a wide range of countries, products and services. Both big and small companies are included. Click here for a PDF version. MetaSus has also made an inventory of noteworthy Dutch export deals in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Click here to access these.

EPM and the Embassy of the Netherlands signing the MoU at Exporesiduos 2014

Colombia is growing at a healthy pace of approximately 5% per year. Its waste and waste water outputs are growing accordingly, if not faster. The country is still highly dependent on dumpsites and sanitary landfills for its waste, and well functioning waste water treatment plants are a rarity. The country is keen on professionalizing its waste and waste water treatment practises and is therefore considered a promising market for Dutch waste management and waste water treatment technology and services. With this in mind, MetaSus has initiated a so called "Partners for International Business" project, meant to position key Dutch suppliers of waste and waste water treatment technologies on the Colombian market. Participants thus far include VDL Translift (supplier of waste collection and transport systems), WAVIN (urban water management systems) and Geesinknorba (waste collection vehicles and acessories). Together with other Dutch companies participating on an ad-hoc basis the group presented itself at the ANDESCO trade fair and congress mid 2013 and at ExpoResiduos of ACODAL in 2014. This year the Netherlands will be Special Invited Country at the ACODAL Annual Congress in Santa Marta, 9-11 September. Dutch companies interested in joining the Partners for International Business" project are invited to express their interest to Bert Keesman of MetaSus, Tel. + 31 6 12699014, email: keesman<at>metasus.nl.

MetaSus has elaborated an inventory of Dutch companies with exportable goods and services in the field of energy efficiency. Specific sectors include the built environment, industry and greenhouses. Nine so called "competitive clusters" were identified. The most promising of these in terms of international business opportunities are CO2 neutral construction practises, energy services for industry, energy cost reductions in datacenters and energy generating greenhouses. Over 100 exporting energy efficiency companies were identified. With the results of the inventory in hand, export opportunities in the field of energy efficiency will be explored. The project was carried out for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and in collaboration with CE Delft. If you're interested in the results in English, please drop us an email at keesman(at)metasus.nl.

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